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School Schedule


Period 1     07:50-09:10 am

Nutrition    09:10-09:25 am

Period 2     09:25-10:45 am

Period 3     10:45-12:05 am

Lunch        12:05-12:35 pm

Period 4     12:35-01:55 pm   

Period 5     01:55-03:15 pm

Period 6     03:15-04:35 pm

Parent Meetings: Parent Breakfast, Raffle, and Awards

Parent Super Stars

We thank you parents for participating in your child's education and supporting our extracurricular activities!

Aida Alegria, Mother of Eduardo Z. (sold 2 boxes of fundraising chocolates)

Zekiya Whitmill Destinee's Mom (donated 6 pizzas and sold 1 box of fundraising chocolates)

Your Education Starts Here!

Didi Hirsch Mental Health

Didi Hirsch Mental Health and Counseling 

Services 888-807-7250

info 310-390-6612

24/7 suicide prevention 800-273-8255

School Attendance

School Schedule Friday

Friday Modified Schedule

only on dates below

08/26/2016, 09/09/2016, 09/23/2016, 10/07/2016, 10/21/2016, 11/04/2016, 11/18/2016, 12/02/2016, 12/16/2016, 01/20/2017, 02/03/2017

02/17/2017, 03/03/2017, 03/17/2017, 04/07/2017, 04/28/2017, 05/12/2017, 05/26/2017

PD/Mtg       08:00-09:30 am

Period 1     09:30-10:28 am

Period 2     10:28-11:26 am

Period 3     11:26-12:24 pm

Lunch         12:24-12:54 pm

Period 4    12:54-1:52 pm

Period 5     01:52-02:50 pm

Period 6      02:50-03:48 pm

Edgenuity Classes

Edgenuity: is offered Tuesday and Thursday 3:15pm-4:15pm and Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm in addition to the regular class day times. Starting 9/17/2016

Senior News

Senior Dues Only (Grad Night and Prom not included)



Senior Packet #1 $285 after April 7, 2017

Includes Senior Dues, Prom, and Grad Night

Deal Extended to April 7, 2017 ($265 )


Senior Deadlines

  1. Completion of 210 Credits (by June 2, 2017)
  2. Service Learning (due by May 26, 2017)
  3. Senior Portfolio (due by May 26, 2017)

Senior Committee

1st Wednesday of each month, Senior Committee meetings during lunch in the Computer Lab rm 7.

First meeting 9/07/2016.

Natalie G. Committee Member

Heroes in Education

Youth Opportunities Unlimited Alternative High School

Eva Moreno

The Community Representative of YOUAHS, Eva Moreno consistently goes above and beyond her assigned duties. She gives her time to the school well beyond her 3-hour workday by helping students, staff, and parents with daily concerns and school responsibilities. She is an integral part of our school community and her tireless effort and commitment makes her a hero of our school community.

"Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary." -Gerard Way

LA Times Recognition of YOUAHS Art Award Winners

Student Art Award Winners, Recognized by the LA Times


Beatriz Gramajo-Mendoza won 1st place in 12th grade

Dellana McElwee won 3rd place in 12th grade

Abraham Zarate won 1st place in 11th grade

Wendy De Leon-Saucedo won 2nd place in 11th grade

Hasani Hall won 3rd place in 10th grade

Jose Nunez won 2nd place in 9th grade

YOUAHS Vision Statement

The vision of YOUAHS is to educate, motivate, and graduate at-risk students within a community of learners where each member has the opportunity to achieve academic, creative, personal, and social excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission of Youth Opportunities Unlimited Alternative High School is to successfully empower YOUAHS students to function in a global multicultural society through the acquisition of knowledge, confidence, self-discipline, academic achievement, and cultural awareness in a safe and student-centered environment.

School Calendar of Important Dates

Instructional Calendar

  • School Begins-Tues. 8-16-16
  • School Ends-Fri. 06-09-17
  • Instructional Days-180

Instructional Periods

  • 1st Quarter-8/16/16-10/14/16
  • 2nd Quarter-10/17/16-12/16/16
  • 3rd Quarter-1/09/17-3/17/17
  • 4th Quarter-3/20/17-6/09/17

State Testing

Annual CELDT: 08/16/16-10/21         Gr. 9-12

CST/CMA/CAPA: 04/17/17-05/18/17  Gr 10

Smarter Balance: 04/17/17-05/18/17 Gr. 11

PE Fitness Test: 02/01/17-03/17/17   Gr. 12



School Events

Back to School: Sept. 15, 2016 4pm-6pm

Open House: Feb. 15, 2017 5:00-7:00pm


School Site Council-Parent Meeting

Dates subject to change and time TBD

8/25/16          11/17/16          2/16/17

9/15/16          12/15/16          3/16/17

10/20/16        01/19/17          4/20/17     5/18/17



Student Holiday-School Closed

Sept. 2-Admissions Day

Sept. 5-Labor Day

Oct. 3-Rosh Hashanah

Oct. 12-Yom Kippur

Nov. 11-Veteran's Day

Nov. 21-25 Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 19-Jan 6 Winter Recess

Jan. 16-Dr. MLK Jr. Birthday

Feb. 20-President's Day

Mar. 31-Cesar Chavez Birthday

April 10-14-Spring Recess

May 29th-Memorial day


Midterm & Final Report Card

1st Quarter- Midterm mail out 9/09/16

                     Final mail out 10/14/16

2nd Quarter-Midterm mail out 11/14/16

                    Final mail out 12/16/16

3rd Quarter-Midterm mail out 2/10/17

                    Final mail out 3/17/17

4th Quarter-Midterm mail out 4/28/17

                   Final mail out 6/9/17



Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

YOUAHS students will be lifelong learners who communicate effectively and utilize technology to problem solve, set, pursue, and accomplish realistic personal, academic, financial, and career goals.

YOUAHS students will be independent thinkers who use reflective, creative, analytical skills to develop responsible opinions and make informed decisions.

YOUAHS students will respectful individuals who demonstrate considerate behavior and self-discipline through interacting with authority figures and peers.

YOUAHS students will be productive citizens who accept personal responsibility for themselves, family, school, and community while actively participating in the democratic process and the global economy.

School Events

Congratulations to the Prom Court 2017

Prom Queen

Madelaine H.

Prom King

Darryl M.

Prom Princess

Essence J.

Prom Prince

Tahj W.

Adam B.

School Calendar Events

Today: 7/27/17

Senior Shirts on Sale Now!

Senior Portfolio Help

Use Google Docs for all writing assignments


Admission Essay (2 pages) General 7 paragraphs minimum

Paragraph 1: Why you are applying to this specific school

Paragraph 2: Your personal experiences

Paragraph 3: Why you will be an asset to the school


Click on link and answer 4 of 8 questions for completion of admission essay.


Are you a Senior?

210 Credits=To Graduate

160 Credits=Senior Status

105 Credits=Junior Status

Senior Locker

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