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YOUAHS has a new school website

YOUAHS has a new school website.

Both this website and the new one are up to date and working. 

Please click on


youahs915.org website link

Welcome to YOUAHS


Do you need your school records or transcripts?

Send an email request to youahs915@gmail.com.

School Attendance

Your Education Starts Here!

Schoology Help

Schoology/Edgenuity Help

Using Schoology

Continuity of Instruction Using Schoology

Preparation (Required for Implementation)

1. Activate Student Email Accounts - Students need to use Single Sign-On in order to log into Schoology

-Teacher Steps (Video)

-Student Steps (Video)

-Slide Deck  (.pdf)


Teacher’s First Time Use of Schoology - Navigation

1. LAUSD Schoology login URL:


2. Home screen

-Recent Activity (landing page)

-Course Dashboard

-Schoology Orientation (video)


Preparing Course Materials-Adding a Link

1. Types of materials that can be added to a course


Creating Assignments*

1. Elementary Gradebook Quickstart

2. Secondary Gradebook Quickstart (.doc)


Student's First Time Use of Schoology

1. Student Login (.doc)
Recent Activity
3. Course Dashboard
4. Submitting Assignments (Video) 


Schoology Helpdesk: Call (213) 241-5200, Option 5 for Student Information Systems then Option 1 for Schoology

Didi Hirsch Mental Health

If you or anyone you know is in need of help

24/7 suicide prevention 800-273-8255

Photo Collage artworks referencing David Hockney

Back to School Presentation (Click to Play Video)

Back to School at YOUAHS presentation


Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 8.18.52 AM.png

School Site Council Emergency Meeting Friday 09/24/2021 @2:30pm

Photo of Flag

School Site Council Members

Principal Ms. McGee

1. Chair: Mr. Rapkin

2. Vice Chair: Mr. Roberts

3. Secretary: Ms. Dodd

4. Parliamentarian: Ms. Cardwell

5. Member: Mr. Benedicto

6. Classified: Ms. Avalos

7. Parent Member: Ms. Cervantes


Zoom School Site Council Meeting



Meeting ID: 843 7241 4901

YOUAHS Vision Statement

The vision of YOUAHS is to educate, motivate, and graduate at-risk students within a community of learners where each member has the opportunity to achieve academic, creative, personal, and social excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission of Youth Opportunities Unlimited Alternative High School is to successfully empower YOUAHS students to function in a global multicultural society through the acquisition of knowledge, confidence, self-discipline, academic achievement, and cultural awareness in a safe and student-centered environment.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)

YOUAHS students will be lifelong learners who communicate effectively and utilize technology to problem solve, set, pursue, and accomplish realistic personal, academic, financial, and career goals.

YOUAHS students will be independent thinkers who use reflective, creative, analytical skills to develop responsible opinions and make informed decisions.

YOUAHS students will respectful individuals who demonstrate considerate behavior and self-discipline through interacting with authority figures and peers.

YOUAHS students will be productive citizens who accept personal responsibility for themselves, family, school, and community while actively participating in the democratic process and the global economy.

YOUAHS Student Photography Gallery


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New Clubs at YOUAHS

Every Tuesday in Room 3 Bible Study




Every Wednesday in Room 7 Coding Club


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School News

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YOUAHS High School Instagram

YOUAHS High School Instagram

School Calendar Events

Today: 9/27/21



  1. YOUAHS Bible Study Club
  2. Guitar Club

Cash 4 College Link

Are you a Senior?

210 Credits=To Graduate

160 Credits=Senior Status

105 Credits=Junior Status

Senior News


Senior Deadlines

  1. Completion of 210 Credits 
  2. Service Learning 
  3. Senior Portfolio 

Photo gallery Quarter 2

Photo Gallery Quarter 4