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WASC Action Plan

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WASC Coordinator David Rapkin

WASC Coordinator David Rapkin

Focus Groups

Focus Group 1A: Organization-Vision, Purpose, Governance, Leadership, Staff and Resources

Focus Group 2B: Standards-based Student Learning Curriculum

Focus Group 3C: Standards-based Student Learning: Instruction

Focus Group 4D: Standards-based Student Learning Assessment and Accountability

Focus Group 5E: School Culture and Support for Personal and Academic Growth

Rapkin, David

School Wide Action Plan

Goal #1

Improve attendance rate for all students.

Goal #2

Increase parental involvement through collaboration, participation, and communication to improve academic achievement.

Goal #3

Utilize existing and emerging technology to support academic growth.

Goal #4

Participate and facilitate professional development to enhance teaching and learning.

Goal #5

Increase student completion rate of A-G requirements.