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Upcoming Professional Development

Five Critical Elements S-T-O-I-C

  1. Structure your classroom to prevent behavior
  2. Teach your expectations
  3. Observe whether students are meeting expectations (monitor)
  4. Interact positively with students
  5. Correct misbehavior fluently (briefly, consistently, and immediately)

The Professional Development Committee

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In-Staff Professional Development

The Professional Development Group is a collection of teachers that design a strong curriculum for teachers and staff to learn various instructional strategies and teaching methods. Throughout the year various classes are taught to enhance: classroom effectiveness, technology-based instruction, and teaching methods.

Do You Know Your Learning Style?


  1.  Learn by seeing the information
  2. Enjoys reading
  3. Create pictures in their heads
  4. Doodle while listening
  5. Enjoys art or drawing


  1. Enjoy oral discussion
  2. Need to have instructions explained orally
  3. Talk to themselves when learning something new


  1. Prefer doing hands-on activities
  2. Move around while listening or talking
  3. Often "talk" with their hands
  4. Often rewrite their notes

Teaching Strategies


  1. Make flashcards
  2. Highlight key words
  3. Make "to do" lists/often writes down assignments
  4. Utilizes memory games
  5. Needs directions or instructions in writing


  1. Read out loud
  2. Study with a partner
  3. Write down steps and then read aloud


  1. Write out assignments or notes
  2. Visual/Tactile/Oral projects
  3. Interactive "Hands-On" activities
  4. Make "to-do" list and check off

In-service Professional Development


PD Just For You!!! Classroom Management and Teaching Strategies


Ms. Pennix

Special Education-Purpose

504-Plan: Purpose and Implementation

SST Brief Overview

MCD Team (Modified Consent Decree) District


Jeeda Gabriel

ELD Updates-The New ELD Plan


Ms. Knopp and Mr. Neal




Nothing Posted
B., Dr.
Science Teacher
Fluckey, Mr.
History Teacher
Rapkin, David
Roberts, Mr.
Science Teacher

Groups Locker

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Professional Development Attended by YOUAHS Teachers

Ms. Cervantes

  1. Edgenuity Training 2015
  2. Laguna Beach Arts Festival 2015
  3. JEA/NSPA Spring National
    High School Journalism Convention at Anaheim 2011
  4. Kelby Training Photoshop for Photographers 2012
  5. JEA/NSPA Spring National
    High School Journalism Convention at Anaheim 2011

Mr. Muhammad

  1. Core Curriculum Training sponsored by LAUSD

Ms. Pennix

  1. Resource Specialist and Bridge Coordinators Professional Development
  2. DOTS Training
  3. NCI Training (BICM Training) Behavorial Support 2-day training
  4. Behavior Intervention Case Manager Training (BICM)
  5. Teacher parent, community district meeting (Hawthorne, CA) Stake holders Meeting Development "Best Practice" Professional for Algebra.
  6. ELD Professional Development

Mr. Rezkalla

  1. Currently attending a "Math and Technology" professional development course administrered by UCLA; once a week for 10 weeks
  2. Regularly attend the LACTMA mini conferences which are held every 2 months
  3. Attend the CMC California Math Conference south annually
  4. Follow up on webinars related to the Smartboard, Aleks, and TI (Texas Instruments), and Casio

Ms. Zaragoza

  1. Evening For Educators at LACMA 2014-2015
  2. Quikitech.com classes  2014-Present
  3. USC-KAFE 2015
  4. Creativity at the Core 2015 (LMU) 2015
  5. Evening For Educators at LACMA 2011-2012
  6. Skirball-Teaching Our World Through the Arts 2011-2012