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How to Apply to YOUAHS

1. Contact YOUAHS at 323-789-4731

2. Orientation

3. Come with someone 21 years old or older

4. Interview

5. Enrollment Package

6. Pick up a schedule

YOUAHS Quarter System

YOUAHS is an alternative school which presently operates on a quarter system of daily classes. Students are able to earn 30 credits in a 10 week quarter. Our A-G requirements offer the students the ability to pursue multiple goals after graduation.

Schoolwide Behavior Support Plan-The Four P's

The four P's include: Polite, Prompt, Prepared, and Productive


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YOUAHS Mission Statement

The mission of Youth Opportunities Unlimited Alternative High School is to successfully empower YOUAHS students to function in a global multicultural society through the acquisition of knowledge, confidence, self-discipline, academic achievement, and cultural awareness in a safe and student centered environmnent.

YOUAHS Vision Statement

The vision of YOUAHS is to educate, motivate, and graduate at-risk students within a community of learners where each member has the opportunity to achieve academic, creative, personal and social excellence.

Transcripts Requests

Do you need your school records or transcripts?

Send an email request to youahs915@gmail.com.

Instructional Calendar

Instructional Calendar

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